South African Relatives Visa Requirements

South African Relatives Visa RequirementsThe South African relatives visa is a means of immigration for foreign immigrants with a family member in South Africa.

To meet the South African relatives visa requirements:

  • The relative in South Africa must be a citizen or permanent resident.
  • The applicant must be an immediate family member of the person in South Africa.

Immediate family members are both first kin and second kin relatives of the South African citizen or permanent resident:

  • First kin – spouse or life partner, children and parents.
  • Second kin – grandparents, grandchildren, brothers and sisters.

It is common for spouses and life partners to receive spousal or life partner visas instead of relatives visas. For this reason, the information that follows only relates to immediate family members who are not spouses or life partners.

You can learn about spousal or life partner visas on their respective pages.

Financial criteria

The requirements of the South African relatives visa stipulate that foreign immigrants must be able to show that a sum of ZAR8 500 per person per month is available for living expenses.

This is in line with many other visa types, as the South African government prefers to issue visas to foreign immigrants who can support themselves financially.

The proof for the ZAR8 500 a month must be from the relative in South Africa, also known as the sponsor, and/or the joint means of the applicant and the sponsor.

It is not unusual for the South African Department of Home Affairs to ask for payslips of the South African citizen or permanent resident as well as proof of income of the applicant.

Do you have any questions?

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For general information on South African relatives visas, have a look at the main relatives visa page.


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