South African Life Partner Visa

South African Life Partner Visa If your long-term South African partner has decided to return home, you would most likely want to move with them. With  a South African life partner visa in your name this will be possible.

The first step to obtaining a life partner visa is to see if you qualify. You can complete our free online assessment to see if you do. If you’d like to speak to someone, you can call us. Our Cape Town office can be reached at +27 (0) 21 424 2460 and our Johannesburg office at +27 (0)11 234 4275.

To get a better understanding of life partner visas in the meantime, have a look at the information below.

What is a South African life partner visa?

A South African life partner visa is a means for long-term foreign partners to stay with their South African partners on the basis of their relationship. It has been designed to offer a solution for a long-term stay in South Africa. In cases where a short stay is planned, i.e. no longer than 90 days or roughly 3 months, a tourist or visitor’s visa would be adequate.

Who can apply for a life partner visa?

A life partner (boyfriend or girlfriend) of a South African citizen or permanent resident can apply for a South African life partner visa.

Do same-sex partnerships qualify?

South Africa has progressive human rights and does not discriminate against same-sex partnerships. Partners in same-sex marriages can indeed apply for a South African life partner visa.

What about our children?

The criteria, regulations and processes around children are intricate. Instead of working through it all yourself, we recommend that you speak to us. Our experienced client managers will be able to give specific and personalised advice.

Can I work or study on a life partner visa?

Life partners with permanent residence are free to work, study or start a business in South Africa. In order to do so while on a temporary South African life partner visa, the life partner of a South African citizen or permanent resident must obtain an endorsement.

How long is a life partner visa valid for?

Temporary life partner visas are normally valid for 2 to 3 years. Successful renewals would depend on the applicant still meeting the criteria for a life partner visa.

In the event that the partnership has been 5 years or longer, a permanent application can be made. Due to the lengthy processing times for permanent residency, it is advised to apply for a temporary and permanent visa at the same time.

What are the requirements for a life partner visa?

The main criteria for a South African life partner visa is the legitimacy of the relationship held by the applicant. Foreign immigrants applying for a temporary visa must be able to show cohabitation of at least 2 years with their partner. They must also prove that a sum of ZAR8 500 per person per month is available for living expenses. Those seeking permanent residence must be able to provide proof of cohabitation for 5 years.

How do I apply for a South African life partner visa?

Foreign immigrants must submit proof of their relationship as well as all other necessary documentation, as determined by the South African Department of Home Affairs.

While it is possible to do application yourself, why not let us handle it for you? Intergate Immigration has processed more than 9 000 visa and visa related application since our inception in 2005.

Our team’s expertise and standard of service have earned us ISO 9001 certification, making Intergate Immigration the only immigration company doing immigration into South Africa with this internationally-recognised stamp of approval.

Speak to one of our consultants today by calling our Cape Town office on +27 (0) 21 424 2460 or our Johannesburg office on +27 (0)11 234 4275. If you’d like us to call you, all you have to do is complete our assessment form or request a call back. One of our consultants will endeavour to contact you within 24 hours.


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