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Banking and Foreign Exchange South AfricaA crucial but time consuming part of setting up a business is opening the appropriate banking accounts. As a foreigner, you have the added task of setting facilities for transferring money to and from South Africa.

To help lessen the stress associated with establishing a business in a foreign country, Intergate employs in-house consultants to advise you on banking and foreign exchange in South Africa.

Banking and foreign exchange services

Intergate has set up special arrangements with a number of South Africa’s most prominent banks. This means our clients do not have to set foot in a bank. Everything happens in our boardroom, from the first consultation to the opening of the bank accounts.

Our consultants are able to help with:

  • Corporate bank accounts.
  • Cash account options for larger cash holdings.
  • Personalised banking.
  • Foreign exchange.

Ask about our Cash Account

Our Cash Account is a dynamic alternative for foreigners to a money market account available from the banks. It is a fully managed and service-driven account with competitive interest rates and the additional benefit of personal banking facilities.

Why is the cash account so great?

  • It can be opened from abroad.
  • Foreign currency can be transferred into the account whenever it suits the account holder.
  • Money can be transferred directly from the Cash Account to third party accounts.
  • Debit orders can be set up on the account.
  • The money is available 24 hours.
  • Each cash account holder has a dedicated personal cash account manager. All instructions for payments, debit orders and the like go directly to the manager for processing.

Let us help you with your banking and foreign exchange in South Africa

You can set up all your banking on your own, but why not let Intergate help you? We’ll take away the hassle of opening bank accounts and ensure you get the correct advice.

We have helped thousands of foreigners do the same since our inception in 2005, so we are in the perfect position to help.

Talk to one of our consultants by calling +27 (0) 21 424 2460. Alternatively, request a call back or complete an assessment form and we’ll contact you instead to discuss your need for banking and foreign exchange in South Africa.


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