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Accounting Officers and Bookkeepers | South African Business VisaYou might want to enlist the services of accounting officers bookkeepers when setting up a business in South Africa or when running your business to manage the finances. While Intergate does not offer in-house accountancy services, we can recommend a number of accountants and bookkeepers that clients have used and can vouch for.

If you’d like the details of any of these professionals, speak to one of our consultants in Cape Town or Johannesburg. You can reach us at +27 (0) 21 424 2460.

You can ask about any of our other business visa services at the same time:

Business visas: Foreigners need a South African business visa to set up or buy a business in South Africa.

Company structures: The criteria for a South African business visa stipulate that the business must fit a recognised South African company structure.

Business plans: A comprehensive and detailed business plan is a vital part of a South African business visa application.

Tax registration: Businesses in South Africa must be registered for tax in order to do business.

Property consultancy: The location and appearance of a business play a large part in determining the success of the company.

Legal services: Setting up or buying a business involves contracts, fine print and foreign legal terms and definitions.

Commercial insurance: Protecting a business against losses and liabilities is essential.

Banking: Setting up bank accounts for the individual and business is an important step in setting up or buying a business and immigrating to a foreign country.

Foreign exchange: International money transfers are standard with setting up a business in a foreign country.

Why use Intergate Immigration?

Intergate has helped thousands of individuals, families and corporates with immigration to South Africa. Since our inception in 2005, we’ve processed more than 9 000 visa and visa related applications.

Contact us today – our consultants will be happy to help you set up your business. Alternatively, request a free call back and we will contact you.


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