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Work Visa South Africa

Work Visa South Africa

Applications for a work visa can be broadly defined as

  • Work visa applicants who are in position of a job offer – be it an internal move with their company or a new position
  • Work visa applicants who are not in possession of a job offer

Types of work visa for South Africa

For those in possession of a job offer:

  • Intra company work visas – where the applicant is being moved from the same organisation or linked company to South Africa on a temporary basis which may lead to a permanent stay
  • A General work visa – whereby the applicant does not meet the criteria for an exceptional skills or a quota work visa.
  • A corporate workers visa – the applicant may only apply under this category where the employer is in possession of a valid corporate work visa.

For those not in possession of a job offer:

  • A quota work visa – the applicant would need to demonstrate that they meet the criteria as laid down by the published skills shortage list in terms of experience and qualifications. A quota work visa can then be issued which allows the applicant to be issued with a visa with no current job offer.
  • An exceptional skills work visa – applications are considered on an individual merit basis. Applicants need to prove that the skills and qualifications possessed are unique and of value.

Who can apply for a South African work visa?

The legislation governing work visa is designed to ensure that foreign workers are only recruited where there exists no South African who is able to fulfil the role. Any individual who meets the criteria for the individual visas (as above) can make an application.

Is there a monetary requirement?

There exists no monetary criteria for work visa applications, the focus is on the foreigners skills, education and experience levels.

How long is a Work Visa issued for?

A work visa can be issued for any period within 2 and 5 years

Can permanent residency be obtained?

Qualifying applicants who have held an appropriate work visa for a period of 5 continuous years may be eligible for permanent residency.

Other requirements to apply for a South African Work Visa:

Please use the below links to access information regarding requirements for the differing types of work visa:

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About Intergate Immigration.

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